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Auto Accident Without Auto Insurance? Options to Respond to Insurance Company Claim

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The other day, an imaginary potential client named “Crash” walked into my imaginary office. He asked this common question uninsured drivers have after an auto accident:

I got into an auto accident earlier this year. The other driver sustained enough damage to need a new bumper, while my car was totaled. We exchanged information, no police came to the scene even though they were called. The following morning I found out my auto liability insurance lapsed and was terminated. I had minimal contact with the individual that was hit at first. I paid his deductible for his insurance. read more

Getting Sued in Small Claims Court for an Auto Accident? Here Are Some Defense Attorney Tips.


Insurance defense attorneys are the experts at defending auto accident claims, big and small. They have a pattern for defending auto accident claims, damages, and negligence causes of action that you might be able to use to your own benefit if you have to represent yourself in small claims court.

Sadly, or happily depending on how you look at it, there are no Insurance Defense Attorneys to help you as a defendant in small claims court if you get sued for that fender bender at the mall.

Yes, the one where the dude says you dented his Harley sounding SUV. read more

Attorney Tips for Who Are the Right Defendants in an Auto Accident Case in Small Claims Court


Trying to figure out who to sue to recover your auto accident damages? Do you need to sue the other driver, or their insurance company, or ….

It is no secret that you can sue for damages if you are injured and/or suffer property damage by a negligent driver. An everyday person can even bring a lawsuit on their own without an attorney in small claims court. It happens every court day in California, Texas, New York and other states.

However, many small claims court plaintiffs who sue on their own to recover auto accident damages ruin their own cases before they start by suing the wrong defendants. Here we try to answer the question of who are the correct defendants in an auto accident case……the other driver? The other owner? The insurance company? read more