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Tips for Getting Your Rental Security Deposit Back. 2017 Update.

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Sure. If your landlord refuses to return your security deposit, or makes false charges against it, you can sue the piss out of the feudalistic offender in small claims court.

Is it worth it? Maybe. There are strong legal penalties for a landlord who makes illegal charges against a security deposit or who fails to return it on time.

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Free Consumer Law Publications from Government Gives Answers on Many Landlord / Tenant and Contract Issues


Consumer law is the one area of law where everyday people are often left to fend for themselves. Sales disputes, rental disputes, and contract breaches all fall into the category of consumer law that you may have to deal with yourself one day.

California’s Department of Consumer Affairs has a ton of great, free, online publications that can be of great help to consumers trying to deal with contractors, auto dealers or landlords.

Got a question about suing your contractor? Landlord keep your security deposit illegally? When can you get your money back form a used car salesman? They have free publications that will help you understand those subjects. read more