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Most Important Small Claims Court Forms for California Are Free

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Here is a list of the most common and important small claims court forms for California Court from the California Judicial Council. They are all available free on the internet at the Judicial Council’s website. You can learn a lot just by browsing these forms in advance of a court date.  Use California Judicial Council Forms When Ever Possible (CA Judicial Council )‚Äč

small claims property damages

Photos can be good evidence to prove damages in a small claims court trial.

Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Appear in Small Claims Court (Form SC-100)

This is the most important form in small claims court. It states the amount of the plaintiff’s claims, the name of the alleged defendant, and the facts of the claim. In general, the plaintiffs are limited to the amount of the claim as stated in the SC-100 form read more

Tips for Collecting a Small Claims Court Judgment


Sure, he’s probably a good person somewhere. You heard he helps injured birds on weekends. But you dont give a crap. That suckerphish owes you $xx00.xx for those long distance charges on your home phone bill from the 80s, and $xx00 for those bounced rent checks. And you want your money no matter what, even if you have to get a judgment.

You finally got all of the small claims forms, printed them out, made a binder and a script for court, and showed up on time. As expected, defendant showed up, claiming “loss of memory” or some crap. But you did it! You sued his ASS and had a trial! read more