Most Important Small Claims Court Forms for California Are Free


Here is a list of the most common and important small claims court forms for California Court from the California Judicial Council. They are all available free on the internet at the Judicial Council’s website. You can learn a lot just by browsing these forms in advance of a court date.  Use California Judicial Council Forms When Ever Possible (CA Judicial Council )

small claims property damages

Photos can be good evidence to prove damages in a small claims court trial.

Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Appear in Small Claims Court (Form SC-100)

This is the most important form in small claims court. It states the amount of the plaintiff’s claims, the name of the alleged defendant, and the facts of the claim. In general, the plaintiffs are limited to the amount of the claim as stated in the SC-100 form

Request for Court Order and Answer (Form SC-105)

Use this form to request that the court make an order, such as an order to dismissal a case because it is settled, or to ask the court to exclude some evidence from a trial. The form is to be served on the opposing party, and that party has an opportunity to “Answer” the request. This form can also be used to request a continuance of a trial.

Small Claims Subpoena for Personal Appearance or Production of Things (Form SC-107)

California Judicial Council Form 107 is a request for the court clerks office ot issue a subpoena for a witness to appear in small claims court, or for the production of evidence, documents, or tangible things that may be relevant to a small claims court case.

Authorization to Appear for a Party (Form SC-109)

A person who wants to appear for a business and speak for that business in small claims court must fill out California Judicial Council Form SC-109. This document tells the court the person speaking is authorized to speak for the business in court.

Defendant’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court (Form SC-120)

Defendants must use this form to make a counter claim against a plaintiff. However, a defendant may chose to bring a separate small claims action if they wish by filing a new Form SC-100 and starting a new case.

Notice of Appeal – aka Request for Trial De Novo (Form SC-140)

This is the form a defendant can use to request a new trial if they are unhappy with the outcome of the first small claims court trial. There is a deadline for filing this Notice of Appeal. Read the instructions to find out when your deadline is.

Request to Postpone Trial – aka continuance request (Form SC-150)

Use this from to request a continuance of the hearing or other small claims court date. It needs to be filled out, served on the other parties to the case, and filed with a signed proof of service form at the court clerks office. In general, 10 days or more notice is required for this request, but there are exceptions. Make the request if you need it.

Notice of Entry of Judgement (Form SC-130)

This is a document that is prepared by the court clerks’ office, and mailed by the court clerks to the litigants. The mailing of the Notice of Entry of Judgment starts the clock for many important deadlines, including a deadline for a defendant to request a “Trial De Novo”.

Notice of Motion to Vacate Judgment and Declaration (Form SC-135)

Use this form to ask the court to undue a judgment for some legal reason. The most common reason a judgment may be vacated by the court is because there was a legal error during the trial, or a party failed to appear with good cause .

Proof of Service Forms

There are 3 related proof of service Forms for documents from the Judicial Council.  There is one for “service by mail” (Form SC-112A) one for “substituted service”,and one for “personal service” of documents (Form SC-104). More info:  “What Is Proof of Service?” (Form SC-104B)

Request to Correct or Cancel Judgment (Form SC-108).

Judges can reconsider and change a judge after it is issued.  The most common reason for a judge to do this is to correct a clerical error.  However, if there is a clear legal error, a party can ask a judge to correct that error.  Use this Judicial Council form to ask a judge to reconsider a judgment.

What to Do After the Court Decides Your Case (Form SC-200 Info)

Unbiased information form the court on what options are available to litigants after the court decides a small claims case.

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